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Well life is not always as it seems. maybe they see me as a prson whos living every single moment in his life and enjoy it.. but actually and even tho all that fake smiles and happy moment i am bleeding from the inside. life is so rough and we all know that so sometimes and when u feel like life is always oppossing you.. you start to think that maybe u should end it.
Well of that doesnt mean i dont have fun coz i do - thx to my friends - Actually i love to have fun with everything i am doing in my life but life doesnt go as u wanted so at last and by one moment you lose everything..the sense of humor and even yourself.
A bout me...My Name Is Ahmad...I Am 17 Years Old...I Am Tall Person 175cm...With a Light Brown Eyes...I am Jordanian....But not living in a specific place coz i am moving a lot like i didnt stay in any place for more than one year.
U wanna know n e thing just ask me and i'll be so glad to answer.

well this ma corner i know i am not that good - oh wat i am saying - actually i knnow i am bad in writing but ne ways this is me n this is ma way in writing nd expressing maself actually its the only way...
ok i am sick of this life just keep getting worse.. lets hope that tomz would be better ... of courst it wont be better but at least lets pretend that....

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  • Dear Santa.. I wrote u a letter last year.. and the year before...
    But it seems like my letters that u always ignore...
    Is it that hard to make my wish come true...
    Because all i want is just to fix this broken home.

    14 years ago
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  • If u think u r dead... just come around.. look at me .. n u'll thank god that u r livin.

    16 years ago
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  • Love is like a small candle ... lightening for some time but then just fades away.

    16 years ago
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