The bridge to the other side

by becca   Jan 20, 2008

You stand on the edge,
Of the highest of cliffs,
Faced with the jump to the other side.
The gap seems too big,
And the ground seems too far,
And you're not sure you'll make it alive.
The other side seems a million miles away,
And you're feeling so little and small.
You don't trust yourself,
And there's nobody else,
To catch you if you slip and fall.
You see them all there;
The one's that you love,
And they're persuading and calling your name,
You want to reach out,
But the gap is too far,
And it seems like they're so far away.
And just as you feel,
That you're losing all hope,
And you're faced with beckoning despair.
You try one last thing;
You close your eyes tight,
And you utter the quietest prayer.
You don't really believe it,
But you mutter those word,
And uncertainly open your eyes.
And you see stretched before you,
A pathway of gold;
A path to the other side.


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Latest Comments

  • 10 years ago

    by Dan

    Good poem. Very well written.
    Keep it up 5/5


  • 10 years ago

    by Lindsay

    I love this! It's so true, alls we need to do is ask God and He will provide for us! your poems are awesome, keep it up =)