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I'm a 24 year old female who uses poetry as an outlet.
All my poetry is based on my real, raw emotions from life experiences.
I hope that others can relate and know they aren't alone during the good or bad times.

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Latest Poems By XTaintedxBeautyX

  • I don't love you anymore. I did once but that...
    I once felt for you what I have never experienced...

  • A careless lady- once happy and free,
    Has just recently struck a pot of tragedy...

  • With broken wings I can't do much,
    they lack the love from your touch...

  • Smile (2)

    It's about time I let go of yesterday,
    and focus on myself tomorrow...

  • Despite how much it hurts me so,
    Since I love you I'll let you go...

Latest Quotes By XTaintedxBeautyX

  • Lets have you go on the road with this duck tape over my mouth so I won't say the right or wrong things for one last time. I apologize for all the things, I never said or did.

    9 years ago
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  • Maybe the deceased will find the living

    9 years ago
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  • Gypsy woman tell me true
    My future do you see?
    Is it me or is it you?

    9 years ago
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