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if u can see through what u see, the brown hair across my perfect face, if u can see through the smile i wear and the light in my eyes, if u c the dark shattered world that lies beneath it all, then you've really found me...cuz beneath the smiles and laughter...theres a broken girl trapped away screaming desperatly as she's slowly dying...

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  • She puts on a mask,
    Black hair and mascara...

  • Little stars, twinkling bright
    Shining silenty, along with moonlight...

  • Dance (6)

    sway like the brezze...

  • What happens when ur heart
    gets carried away...

  • Do you think abut me?
    everynight as you lay in bed...

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  • I've got a great family...some amazing friends...but above all i've got this incredible guy, that i cant live without<3

    10 years ago
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  • Hey unfaithful i will teach u, to be stronger to be stronger....hey ungraceful i will teach u, to forgive 1 another.....hey unloving, i will love you...i will love you...i will love you

    10 years ago
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  • I definately feel like throwing up right now...

    11 years ago
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