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well her i am. the guy that doesnt drink knocking bak 1 after the other and typing random shit. im 21 today. im alone at home not alltogether with it. im usually an allrite guy. nice friendly aproachable helpful fun and houmourous... im just at breaking point at the moment. itl pass il try to be happy. bla bla bla future crap that cant help me rite now f*&^%$ bla bla

#writen later.. sober# (woah that was an intense moment. alota pple say that pple are more honest wen there drunk so il leave that coment there for honestys sake.)
wwwillz@hotmail.com or msg me here if you fell like it. happy ta talk ta pple

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  • Most people are basicly semetrical when you look them in the face

    9 years ago
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  • Arhhhhhhhhhrrrrrhhhggrh
    (was more 2 this but i couldnt do it without swearing)
    she was bad for me and still is. now i dont want her back. i hate the love of my life and the twisted irony of that ... #refer to top of quote for how that makes me feel#

    9 years ago
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  • Im not sure which of these is better 2 much alcohol and not enough sleep, or to much sleep and not enough alcohol

    9 years ago
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