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Hello Everyone! Welcome to this little space called my Profile. Well, there isn't much about me. I started writing poetry about two years ago, but I also write Fiction. My poems refelct my inexperience in Poetry, but I love writing it. Hope you guys like it too!

If you comment on one of my poems, I will always return the favor. ^,^

Anyway, I love conversation. So if you'd like to PM and chat thats awesome. Or if you need help or critique or advice... just anything, I'm here!

I'd also like to give a shoutout to the people on my Favorites List. There very special, and talented people. Seyella, Raychil, and Evanescent Angel. Remember, I'm always looking for new talents... so there is plenty of room on my favorites list!

AND just to let you know, if anyone steals these works you will be hunted down by... ME. And maybe some other people. These are my own works, Copywrited in my name, and alot of them have been published. So I'd watch out if I were you, because you can get caught for plagerism. And believe me, I'm a hater for plagerists... so yeah. Don't steal my work... or you'll be sorry.

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  • She lies wide awake until her dreams take away reality...

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  • She cries herself to sleep just to wash away the pain...

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