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My name is Sarah. I'm 21 and I love music and poetry. I am currently w the greatest woman ever. I consider myself emo, which is awesome!!! I'm a simple person, I enjoy hanging out with friends, and any type of sports.

I know my poems aren't the best ever, but they are a part of me and they come from my heart. They are an expression of what I once felt, or what I currently feel. You don't have to comment, but if it touches you, it would mean alot if you share that with me.


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Latest Poems By IfYouWantMe

  • She came when I least expected in the dead of...
    In an instant we connected everything felt so...

  • Do you want to know what it's like missing you?
    It's falling asleep without your favorite blanket...

  • Mom (2) 1

    To the woman who taught me everything I know,
    How to think, how to write, how to love, how to...

  • My flawed angel, I see you in the light,
    But you only show yourself in the dead of night...

  • Two of a kind, we're quite a pair,
    Always too bold to back down from a dare...

Latest Quotes By IfYouWantMe

  • I began to trust you, just in time for you to break me...thanks.

    10 years ago
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  • Go ahead and break her again, I can pick up the pieces, I always have.

    10 years ago
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  • Looking at you is like looking at the sun,
    it hurts, but it's so beautiful that you can't look away.

    10 years ago
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