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  • Tiger you're our little run away,
    Doesn't matter what anyone says...

  • Pain still torments me from the thorns of yours...
    You were a black rose dark and violent deep into...

  • Dear Depression,
    Depression won't you stop haunting me...

  • Darkness falls the nightmares become more vivid,
    Gets later and i find myself more awake...

  • How does one define insanity?
    Is it the hearing of voices that aren't really...

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  • Death stumps her,
    Rape continues to rattle her,
    Visions conquer her,
    Blades cut her,
    Numbness take over her,
    Can anyone save her?

    Taken from my poem everything she's becomming

    9 years ago
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  • Hate is like the rain... it always catches you unaware.. at time you're least prepared

    9 years ago
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  • "For your new boy can't make that better,
    Maybe i can,
    So won't you hold me tight,
    Together we will make it through this night,
    Everything will be alright,"

    from my poem "love you again"

    9 years ago
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