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I started writing poetry and lyrics at the age of 15 and have over 300 completed works to date.

Many of them are long and the rhyming (or not), patterns and styles vary greatly.

I write in segments and fit the pieces together writing in between lines after, or rewriting closing and beginning lines to fit a flow. I've been using rough drafts and rewrites more often over the years.

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  • Age : 40
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  • Country : USA, Washington
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Latest Poems By Phil Laws

  • Whether planted for home or planet
    Or in the everchanging soils of toil...

  • "Our Friend"
    Our friend is in distress...

  • I can do it
    I will stick to it...

  • I'd pull you to me, just sideways enough
    To turn as I bend to a partial crouch...

  • Illumination forgot our presence
    Forbade us light to sight and hit the mark...

Latest Quotes By Phil Laws

  • If it was that easy, this place would be empty

    2 years ago
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  • If the whole world was behind me, I'd have nothing to look forward to.

    11 years ago
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  • Forget this pipe dream that leads to a nightmare ~

    About the Jones + + + for Bedard trade

    11 years ago
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