Favorite Poems of Love vs Fate

  • Thank You (1)

    by XAlwaysXBrokenX

    This guy i met, hes really sweet
    This guy i met, no one can beat...

  • My older brother (1)

    by X Harlea X

    My older brother,
    is one of a kind...

  • **This is going to be written for Travis Lurz...
    In this world there is a guy named Travis Lurz...

  • It (3)

    by Coffee Loves Nachos

    I sit here on the phone,
    with the one I love...

  • Family Till The End (2)

    by X Harlea X

    We are family,
    we have a special bond...

  • My Hero (2)

    by X Harlea X

    My hero,
    is my brother...

  • Living This Life With You (2)

    by X Harlea X

    Living this life with you,
    is so very special...

  • Travis my dear friend
    I appreciate all you have done...

  • Andy Warhol (6)

    by Jennifer RIP Lesthat Hayden

    Did you do it for the money?
    Did you do it for the fame...

  • Travis (2) 1

    by Coffee Loves Nachos

    Not to long ago
    I met a good person...

  • Dear Travis, (3)

    by Jennifer RIP Lesthat Hayden

    Dear Travis,
    you are such a special guy...

  • Travis (3)

    by Sammerz

    Where do i start
    Your someone i feel so close to...

  • Little Travis (3)

    by Andrew

    Little Travis the amazing, you got charm like...

  • Travis (5)

    by Tiffany

    I may have never met you,
    But that does not mean...

  • I just love the way (6)

    by MyMuse

    I just love love the way
    You can make me smile when I am down...

  • Your Guardian Angel (7)

    by Coffee Loves Nachos

    Months ago,
    God gave me a name...