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I am me, My name is Kiki, I dont care if you love me, hate me, or whatever.
I'm a horrible speller so please Bare with me...

And I now I am not to great with pomes, but i want to get better so if there's any pointers you wanna chuck at me, just do it. please....

A bit more about me is im a aswome artist, and hopeing to get into a tattoo carear...

I can be a crule dark cold person, but yet gental and warm hearted.....

Ever think life is one big doll house being controled by a five year old girl with curly hair held neatly with a pretty red bow and a crooked smile? Yes well join the club... No im not having a drug triP!........

Ever think love is not a emotion but a phase people go through just to find themselfs they hated that person so much!?.....

Any questions about me please be more than welcome to ask........
or just wanna say hi.. that works to.

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  • Age : 15
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  • Country : USA
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Latest Poems By Asher

  • Blood runs down my finger tips,
    she is gone...

  • You left me empty,
    you left me cold...

  • Inside (2)

    ***this is the basic blue print for this poem...
    I feel dead...

  • Dear, little girl
    with the locks of golden hair...

  • Your my angel,
    you answered my prayers...

Latest Quotes By Asher

  • Why is it to love to lost
    but to hate to gain?

    9 years ago
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  • Friends miss comoncuication are factors of growing up, you cant help it at the time. But when you grow old we'll laugh at our foolishness remarks later.

    9 years ago
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  • Your gone,
    you faded,
    you lost me love,
    I am a lonely Madden.

    9 years ago
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