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My name is Samantha. i love to write poetry, sing, and i love the idea of travelling. i have never been out of my country but I'd have to say that the two places that I'd love to go to is France and New Zealand.
I love to play badminton and soccer. I also love to go fishing, play video games, and read random things.

Anyways, the types of poetry that I love to write about is nature. I have absolute no idea why I do so don't even ask. other types of poetry just come straight from my heart meaning that it's based on my emotions or experiences.

I am known to be a good poet at my school. I wont share where I go but I can just say that it is in the country and kinda small.


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  • Rascism is not a good thing to participate in; you should just accept people for who they are as an individual.

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  • Complicated as a rock, love is that way.

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  • Your heart can always make a mistake of who you may like. Don't always trust it. Use your logic and make a good choice.

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