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Latest Poems By morgan

  • I'm falling for you. Can you tell?
    You came into my life, it made my heart swell...

  • I'm done with the lies, the hurt, the pain
    I try to pretend but it is never the same...

  • I once was whole, so full of hope and light
    But now I am broken, and cry when I sleep at night...

  • You broke my heart
    Not the other way around...

  • Where were you when I needed you most?
    Oh, but then i saw you flirting with some host...

Latest Quotes By morgan

  • Listen to the wind, for it talks.
    Listen to the silence, for it speaks.
    Listen to your heart and you will learn and understand.

    7 years ago
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  • I hate days when all i can do to stop myself from crying is think of you. i hate that because somedays thoughts of you make me want to cry more. </3

    7 years ago
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