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Alright. The name is Shisana, I am different from the rest, I get along with most of the people I know.I'm loved by many while I love a few. Haters hate. F^ck what you hear recognize what you see. Have many nick names.((As in Shisy, Osita, Teddy bear,ms Dominican swagg etc.)) You can call me about anything ill respond kinda like a dog((Don't mean you can call me a b^tch))Big Beautiful Smile((ive been told)) love to talk and make jokes.

Scared of barney since I was six
((why you ask?? because when I was smaller I had a barney themed party(by the time I loved barney) but then he was trying to touch me and sh^t and he/she broke my $257 dollar cake (which no one ate...) and then who isn't scared of a giant purple dinosaur that goes around touching people and sitting on there expensive cake?!?))

NEVER single for long. Don't do many long distance relationships always end up f^cking them up..hehehe what can i say? female players do it best... I attend the F^cking Jefferson in Minnesota.

Any questions feel free to ask. But make sure you check out my poems BELOW

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    >If You Look In The Dictionary You'll Be Suprised

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