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God has entered my life and now I'm changed. Sure I'm still a teen going through the 'tough stuff' but now i have someone to go through all this with that i know will always love me no matter what and never lie to or keep things from me, someone I can trust and love.

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  • I can still fill the tears running down my face.
    I was unaware of your presence, your glory, your...

  • My whole life changed today.
    For I have found the one and only god...

  • I want to scream.
    Death is so near...

  • Blade (2)

    A swipe of the blade.
    Everthing goes away...

  • It hurts to be unwanted.
    I see the wishes in her gaze...

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  • Ever time you fall down, don't ever not get back up.

    6 years ago
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  • When you weep and mourn of the love you lost, you are mourning about the dreams and the things that could have been.

    6 years ago
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