It's Really Over, Isn't It

by CathyButterflyJC   Feb 5, 2012

�¯ï¿½ï¿½ It's Really Over, Isn't It?! �¯ï¿½ï¿½

I silently exclaim as the paper swaps against my finger
And I quickly pull away from the pages stacked in a row
The cut is in distinguishingly invisible on the outside

Similarity develops in my version
As it blurs with coming tears
At the reconization of something that has no reversion
Steeps in

It;s really over
Isn't it
Please take an axe through these words
Please take a hammer to that of yours choice

It's really over
Isn't it
I no longer feel like a four leaf clover
I've been dropped in a pit
Full of my own misery and fear
Challenging despair

My finger feels like my heart
Skin broken and flush tore apart
It feels like magic to ever heal
A scar that cuts so deep
With the truth's haunting meal

Within me is insane pains
You want me to move on
My dreams are in chains

I can't let you see my hanging off this bridge
Hitting the dreadful words
Trying to bound them shut
It's really over
Isn't it

You want me to move on
I remember when we dated
There was so much that I came to gain
Now I feel poisoned by disppointment
Now the ending has set upon me strain
I once could sense the love that we shared
I know you never meant to leave me in the rain

I am like a paper cut
So much more healed on the surface
But depressed all through my gut
My heart's bleeding although nobody sees

The numbness runs so deep
I just can't understand this
I can't take it in
So many doubts left in the forbidden bin

They say a Band-Aid can't heal a cut
But what air can I give it
When I'm copped up not believing it
You never knew I was listening
You told her I need to find somebody
You found new and old notes I'd been leaving
Screaming smirks were pounding through the phone
I was losing
The fight for another chance

You never heard my heart break
You never heard the knife slash through me
You never heard my soul mourning with aches

It's come to an end
I was afraid to ask
It's really over
Isn't it

Like my finger my heart won't stop to think
As it keeps no shortage of blood to bleed
My heart just keeps letting my spirits sink

Losing you cuts so deep
But I can't tell you a peep
Of what you mean to me

The pain from my finger's paper cut has fled away
But my heart's scars will always stay
My heart is surrounded with intensely deep cuts
In between and through each beat
I feel cold
You've taken away my heat

I feel hurt chasing tears to the surface
Wondering through loneliness
How can you displace
Your feelings

My heart's like a paper cut
Cuts so deep
You accidently made a mess of me

It's really over
Isn't it
I ask myself all the time

I just wanted to hear some sense of doubt in his voice
My wishes were of revealing's
Of his feelings being made
To the things I most wanted to hear
He misses us too
Wishes of a reverse of his word at the end to say I love you
Not I know longer care about you

The stitches do nothing but disintegrate
I can feel my mask dissolve
And my fake smile melts away
I hold doubt this cut will heal someday
These paper cuts don't heal right away

Barely any hope can stand
You sound fine
And you want me to meet some other man
Is someone else on your mind

I try to cover up the flow of regret
The cuts disappear when you're near
When I take in your not back yet
My air's polluted
And I can't breathe right

It's really over
Isn't it

The pain I try to overcome
With the loss of hope
Trembling on the everlasting dream
My heart's slice(s)
An oversized paper cut
Invisible on the outside
But throbbing in agony within

Your love was the best part of me
Now I'm burning
Can't you see
My heart's on fire
My wound is spreading
Every show you're over me
Hits me with a bat

I feel the soreness of the cut
Everywhere I go
The sting follows me
Letdowns are a massive discomfort I will have to bare for an eternity

No one will miss you like I do
The enormous truth is I love you
And you are good for me too
No vast crush can bring someone to care about you
Like I love you

It's really over
Isn't it

I might burst from all the thoughts of unwritten work
Things that never came
Dreams only hatched
Time taken away
My heart full of missingness
Because I'm no longer you're miss

Like a snake our love hissed
Like a fire it hissed and died out
When you ended it the snake bit
The fire burned right through all happiness
Strong joys are still in flames
I can still feel the attack and injury in it
Brightness left and fangs are still hanging there

An arrow's in my heart
It shot right into me
It didn't hurt until cubit pulled the love apart
But there was no mistake made
Until he clamed the wrong pair was made
And destined to fade

I repeat to myself
It's really over
Isn't it
Hounded in dislief

I miss everything we had
Why does good always have to turn to bad
Life grows lucky to sad

If only you knew Josh


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Latest Comments

  • 7 years ago

    by Tess Harvester

    This poem has some incredibly vivid metaphors. What a great exploration of the grief of unrequited love! Wonderful! The repetition added so much too.

  • 7 years ago

    by Sidh Swabhav

    GOD should make some medicine for us so that we may forget all our miseries, pain and bitter memories. I can't console you. May God always shower His Bessings on you and give you strength to overcome this huge pain!

  • 7 years ago

    by Terrin

    This is another great poem..

  • 7 years ago

    by LittleMermaid

    Really a sad n emotional piece... So creatively expressed!
    well done!!

  • 7 years ago

    by Terrin

    This is so good, but sad