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i am from the middle of nowhere and poetry is what i love. i have the greatest friend jessica.....everything else is pretty much destroyed, poetry is my escape

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  • Age : 16
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  • Country : USA, New Mexico
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Latest Poems By Marissa T

  • I found a light
    she shone brighter than the sun...

  • Holding on for as long as i could,
    staying strong because i knew i should...

  • Been with you for just one day.
    finally, all that I want goes my way...

  • Year after year, life has fade,
    watching how those bound us...

  • Sorry (1)

    Its presence is now past,
    your concern can now subside...

Latest Quotes By Marissa T

  • Even if love remains a secret, i will come back for you. for only you can know that i love you and you will.i promise.

    14 years ago
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  • When your world comes caving in ill be ther to help you hold it up. count on me.

    14 years ago
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  • To my best friend: i want you to know that forever we will be together, to talk to, to guide eachother, and to be by eachother's side becuz thats what bestest friends are for.

    14 years ago
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