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I am Taiwo Oluwaseye from Nigeria, precisely south west part of my country. I am a Tutor, a public speaker, a Human Potential Catalyst, innovator, thinker and creative minded young man. I proactive and strives for professional excellence at all times. I am willing to learn always.
What matters most to me is helping others to find happiness in becoming their dreams.
I believe sometimes when things are falling apart in your life, we should not fail to wait patiently on God. They are shimply falling apart for our good. Something have to go, for something new to come in. There has to be a detachment for a new attachment. Nothing in this world can satisfy!

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Latest Poems By Oluwaseye Olayode Taiwo

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    Internalise your knowledge...

  • Shine the light and lite the world eyes to see
    Be the star you are meant to be...

  • Katalambano
    Whatever you believe in, is yours...

  • I am a great lion King,
    For those who think I am a fool, think  twice...

  • I Am King 
    King for all who reign in my kingdom...

Latest Quotes By Oluwaseye Olayode Taiwo

  • Let your life be built on clarity. Whenever you tell a lie,you are assuredly afraid of man, more than you are afraid of God. Telling the truth is a commitment.

    9 months ago
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  • "Every problem in life has its solution embedded in it. It just us to look carefully, patiently and think creatively to figure out the answer or solution."

    1 year ago
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  • "A teacher is the greatest leader in the world. He teaches, trains, coaches to impart leadership spirit in his student. Most great leaders in the world were mentored by a good teacher . With out a good teacher the world won't be what it is today."

    1 year ago
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