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I am Taiwo Oluwaseye from Nigeria, precisely south west part of my country. I am a Tutor, a public speaker, a Human Potential Catalyst, innovator, thinker and creative minded young man. I proactive and strives for professional excellence at all times. I am willing to learn always.
What matters most to me is helping others to find happiness in becoming their dreams.
I believe sometimes when things are falling apart in your life, we should not fail to wait patiently on God. They are shimply falling apart for our good. Something have to go, for something new to come in. There has to be a detachment for a new attachment. Nothing in this world can satisfy!

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Latest Poems By Oluwaseye Olayode Taiwo

  • Oh dearest love!
    Why abandoned my gentle soul...

  • Love is loyal and crazy
    Love is optimistic in the face of pessimism...

  • No amount fire can quench truth love
    Truth love is a strong fire...

    My life,is a wondrous investment...

  • My Love (1) 2

    I do not know how to say sweet words. But I know...
    The languages of true love are sincerity...

Latest Quotes By Oluwaseye Olayode Taiwo

  • Your happiness comes first in life not at the detriment of others, but at the detriment of those trying to make you unhappy. Forgiveness is better than hatred. Forgiveness gives happiness.

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  • In pleasing people, remember you can't please everyone, let your priority be God.

    1 month ago
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  • We get closer to God , when our relationships with others are pleasant to God and man.

    1 month ago
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