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Hello one and all! My name is Jason, or as I like to go by most days under my pseudonym: Dresden Frost. Not much I can really tell you all other than that the writings I post all come on a whim from my mind on a random thought that popped into my head or an explosion of feelings that finally needed to get out. I mainly write a lot of dark and love poetry, but I will dabble in some things that will get your mind to wander and think, which is always a good thing to me. If you have any questions, feel free to ask! :)

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  • Age : 27
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  • Country : USA, Ohio
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Latest Poems By Jason

  • The sirens wailed outside
    As the onlookers cried...

  • Mosaic (2) 3

    The days seemed to flow
    Endlessly together...

  • They're the reason that
    My life is in shambles...

  • Desire (5) 3

    The touch of your hand
    Gently grasping unto mine...

  • Wandering through the musty, dark corridors
    Of my mind, stray thoughts and emotions...