Favorite Poems of Phil

  • An Odd Location (16) 9

    by Maher

    "She sells seashells by the sea shore"
    "Why the fuck sell them there?" is my only...

  • L'appel du vide (9) 7 HM

    by Aegis

    You are cedarwood and vanilla
    sparsely thriving in my...

  • Symptoms of a broken mind (8) 4

    by deeplydesturbed

    "What the fuck?!"
    I half question and exclaim...

  • Mind Over Matter (5) 7

    by Aegis

    Trepidation permeates my
    every thought...

  • Glass Ceilings (7) 7 HM

    by Nobody

    They place us
    in such well crafted...

  • Muted melody of love (8) 6

    by Michael

    A violin are her vocals.
    For her lips speak no words, nor lyrics heard...

  • Mirror: (9) 4

    by Scott Cole

    Oh Mirror I stand in front of thee,
    And peer inside so deep indeed...

  • Live Once (4) 4

    by Alex Yew

    We live once
    So forget about the pains...

  • *Authors note: like a pendulum, this poem should...
    from the twelfth strike to the first and then back...

  • Won't be long (5) 4

    by Chelsey

    One thing I never understood is "time."
    Why we can't turn it back, why we can't slow it...