Favorite Poems of Kereen

  • Lost moments (27) 29 WIN

    by Milly Hayward

    Music pulls tightly at my soul
    follows me out as I stroll...

  • Mute Monster (8) 8

    by Tasha

    I shouldn't be left in silence
    It gives me too much time to think...

  • Risky Game (6) 6

    by DeviousCharmer

    Take my hand
    Lead me to where you hide...

  • Long Live the Bat (6) 6

    by Tony

    On a cold and dreary Gotham night
    In an alley where none could see...

  • You (7) 6

    by Missy Panda MayheM

    I want you...
    I want you but I'm afraid...

  • Acceptance (5) 5

    by Love

    When your life's vitality slowly dims away,
    There is surprisingly nothing left for itself to...

  • Different (2) 3

    by Beautiful Tragedy

    There's something about you;
    Something I can't quite put my finger on...