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Hey everyone! I'm just a crazy girl, looking for an output for my creativity. Hope you like my stuff! XD
**Some of my work from my old account is on here, so please DON'T REPORT ME THEY ARE MY PROPERTY**
"I have loved you for years, only I was such a stupid fool I didn't know it."
__Scarlett O'Hara, GONE WITH THE WIND__
Also, my stuff is probably crap, but look and like anyways. It's an inspiration for me to keep writing.
Song(s): "iSpy", "Lithium", "I Fall Apart", "Mortician's Daughter", "Candy Paint", "Habits", "do re mi", and many more...
Book(s): By xXThePineappleGirlXx (Wattpad) "Teaching An All Boys School", and many more...
Animal(s): FOXES, Red Siberian Huskies, cats, and many more...
2 special people... :DDDDDDD
And 3 besties: Emily Wacker, Madison Ludwig, and 1 of my special peopleses

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Latest Poems By Something Strange

  • i dream of being great:
    i try to sing...

  • I dream only of you,
    Think only of you...

  • every time you talk
    i feel like you have touched my soul...

  • The sun shining through the trees,
    The grass waving with the breeze...

  • As I reach on my tippy toes,
    To whisper little nothings in your ear...

Latest Quotes By Something Strange

  • Though I may be dying inside,
    they feel,
    just as they used to.

    1 year ago
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  • There are some who don't believe you mean anything
    Prouver qu'ils ont tort.
    ~~ Something Strange ~~

    1 year ago
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  • If that one guy you "like" makes your heart sing, your ears ring, and your knees weak, it's love.
    ~~ Something Strange ~~

    1 year ago
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