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I'm a Broadcast Journalist with passion in poetry and creative writing.

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  • Age : 29
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  • Country : Nigeria
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Latest Poems By Muhammad Amiruddeen

  • Life (1) 1

    My life
    Born out of refined pottery...

  • I don't like money,
    I hate it to the core...

  • Is there such thing as perfect moment
    When all stars shine...

  • Let's kill time before time kills us,
    Lighten the morning and brighten the nights...

  • Crossing
    The storm that meets...

Latest Quotes By Muhammad Amiruddeen

  • "Sometimes the things never go the way you plan it to be and sometimes the wrong turns leads you to places you never dream of going. Wherever fate takes you there's always an element of goodness in it that can only be seen if you look deeply enough".

    1 month ago
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  • Very ironic, knowing what you don't know is knowing what you know.

    ~Muhammad Amiruddeen

    1 month ago
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  • Paise not in words what I did that affects you positively, but rather do it in action. Many at times praises are done in flattery. So when we do good to others, need no gratuity nor reciprocity of any kind.

    2 months ago
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