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i love walking in the rain....that way no one can tell im crying. that's one of my favorite quotes. (my friend cody, writes great poems. : http://www.poems-and-quotes.com/author.html?id=65978 )and i hope u enjoy reading my poems, please comment i accept good comments and bad comments. Thank you!

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  • I still think of you
    in the dark passages of my mind...

  • Chocolate is my favorite
    But not from a bottomless jar...

  • Loving you is so painful
    Because I can't get you off my mind...

  • Someone tell me why
    its so hard to sleep at night...

  • Why (3)

    Why did you do this to me
    Why did you make me cry...

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  • History is nothing like poetry.

    In history it all has to be true.

    But in poetry your imagination and skill can make a poem become.............. your way

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    Just b/c a boy tells you he loves you from the bottom of his just remeber their is room at the top of his heart for other girl


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  • A dog is a man's AND women's best friend.

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