Favorite Poems of Cody

  • Smothered (12)

    by Beautiful Forever

    I can't disassociate myself from this endless...
    I feel like I'm smothered in a diminished...

  • Little black boxes
    and pumpkin cars...

  • Lifeline (28) WIN

    by debbylyn

    Shooting stars embroider dreams
    Cloud collage not what it seems...

  • Best Pals Forever (1)

    by samantha

    You told me back off
    Just get outta your life...

  • Poet, don't keep silent. (26)

    by BlueDreams

    Poet, don't keep silent
    You've a message to convey...

  • A Lament to Life (22)

    by Rahl The Layman Lord

    Why are people so afraid to live
    So afraid to be happy...

  • Life In Peoples Angle (2)

    by Miguel Roces

    In my life I tend to believe
    Friendship withers just like leaves...

  • The Great Battle (40) WIN

    by Sean Dohr

    In the battle between heart and mind,
    the winner's depicted by the man inside...

  • Reason to live (32)

    by BlueDreams

    There is a reason to live
    beyond the things we can do...

  • Condemned To Death (11)

    by XxXangeltearsXxX

    Our bleeding eyes cannot see
    Our ears can no longer hear...

  • Persistence (21) WIN

    by samuel

    Like a road to heaven
    Is persistence...

  • The Skills (2)

    by Matt Pyke

    What? You wanna start like this?
    Ha, Don't underestimate me...

  • Coming or Going (3)

    by Michael D Nalley

    With the hope that the world is not so lovelorn
    Every two seconds nine babies are born...

  • Strength (14)

    by My Obsεssion

    Strength is recognizing that you need help
    And asking for it...