Birthday Wishes (Forgotten)

by Sweet escape

* I wrote this poem on my birthday (march 25th)*

This day has been filled with birthday wishes
and many a dream of chocolate kisses.

But another story is what i got,
one about how they all forgot.

The day's not important to them at all.
This small fact made me bawl.

It's human nature to forget sometime,
but to forget your child's birthday should be a crime.

Running to my room and locking the door,
I sit on my bed and stare at the floor.

Everything blurs as I sit there on my bed,
letting all thought leave my head.

Telling myself not to cry,
wishing i could ask them why.

How they forgot is beyond me,
but right now the floor's all i can see.


Submission date : 2008-04-02

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Michael D Nalley ( F P C D ) at 2008-04-17

This poem of course reflects much disappointment. Though I cannot recall it ever happen to me I can imagine the anger that may follow. That was reflected by your ending, I believe

I missed a birthday for a different reason

ThomasBlackburn at 2008-05-03

I like the emotion of this one. tell me what you think of my writings too, i too think the best writings are about real things

Bassel Samman ( F P C D ) at 2008-07-01

Lol, I was never one for birthdays when it comes to my own, and I'm so forgetful, but that's why I ask everybody to remind me of other birthdays including my own. My mom is in charge of my sisters and brothers. My brothers and sisters remind me of mom's and dad's birthday and their own spouses and children. The only birthdays I never forget is my wife's, my mother-in-laws and my kids. I'm forgetful, but I rather enjoy life occasionally and would not want to make a mistake that can so easily cost me my life. Great read, and helps really push to not ever make such a mistake because I can see how it can really hurt.

Jessica at 2008-07-09

I do Like This One But The End Spoils It ,, Yu Need Sumthing Gudd At The Endd Liike Erhmm A Dnhow Liike Sumfiin Catchy That U Think abwt Aftrr Yuu Redd It ... X Eniiway read Sum Ov Ma Poems I feel all Unlovedd Onlii Got 1 Votee Haha ..=D

illbeoveryou at 2008-07-10

_this is really sad. Well, belated happy b-day. I enjoyed reading it and i really feel the emotions.. Good work!

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