A Poem For Nan.

by Jacqui Armstrong

Every day i think of you
and everything that you've been through
remembering your caring ways
chatting on those sunny days

your smile which lit up the room
your summer garden in full bloom
your sparkly eyes so bright and blue
now and always i will miss you

I'm glad i got to say goodbye
even if you could not reply
i held your hand and watched you sleep
knowing these memories i could keep

still i wished once more to see
your bright blue eyes looking at me
to see you smile or hear you speak
instead you slept, you looked so weak

a Nan a mum and so much more
you may not be here anymore
but i know inside my heart
we're never really far apart

i know that you're with granddad now
and watching over us all somehow
and every time the sun comes up
i know you're smiling down on us.

R.I.P. Nan, we all know you're happy now, and you will forever be greatly missed. xxx


Submission date : 2010-09-09
Last edit : 2010-09-09

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Latest comments

AngelDust ( F C D ) at 2010-09-24

This hit really close to home as I lost my grandmother on March. She was my whole world. More than just my grandmother, but my mother. The words you used are in their own way, beautifully and you put a lot of heart thought into this. A well laid out piece. Well done. 5/5


deanne at 2012-09-17

What a beautiful poem. I was with my Nan at the very end. This poem is so true.
Thank you for sharing