Suicide letter/poem

by Emzie

I'm sorry it had to end like this,
I'm sorry I have to go this way,
But i'm serious,
I can't live another day.

Mum- I'm sorry we're not as close,
As you wanted us to be,
And, mum, I'm sorry,
That I can't be what you want me to be.

Dad-I forgive you,
For things you did to me,
If you'd have paid enough attention,
My depression you'd have seen.

My brothers -You're my world,
Even though we've been apart,
I promise you,
You're forever in my heart.

My 'friends' to you i'm sorry,
I'm sorry you never cared,
I'm sorry i was there for you,
But for me you were never there.

My Nan - She was my world,
I loved her in every way,
The day she died, it broke my heart,
But i'll be joining her today.

I'm sorry to the people,
That really, trully cared,
I'm sorry i pushed you out,
My secrets i could not share.

I'm sorry i were born,
I knew i was a mistake,
For every day i live,
More and more i hate.

So this to you will be,
My very last goodbye,
And for this final time,
I will suceed in my suicide.


Submission date : 2004-11-15

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Rating : 4.6

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Latest comments

deadnalone ( F P C D ) at 2004-11-15

great poem a big 5/5 very well written, you show great talent.

Michelle ( F C ) at 2004-11-15

Gosh when I thought you couldn't get any better you surprised me. I really hope the poem's not true. You're an amazing writer and you seem like an amazing person. Keep it up and keep strong.


winnie at 2004-12-01

ur a gr8 poet keep it up live ur life its all uv gt