Knowing when it's over

by Josh Sowiecki

It's when you don't accept my calls and you no longer write
It's when every time we talk it turns into a fight
It's when you said so many things that were a lie
It's when those hurtful deceits would make me cry
It's when I was locked up and you were out doing your dirt
It's when you never cared who you hurt
It's when another gurl is in my dreams
It's when everything I said I no longer mean
It's when I can't believe a word you say
It's when no matter how close you are you seem far away
It's when I need you and you're not there
It's when you don't seem like you even care
It's when the words I say no longer flow
When it's finally over this is how I'll know


Submission date : 2005-02-26

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Rating : 4.8

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Brittany Dye ( P ) at 2005-02-28

I give that a 5, that is how i knew that my b/f and i were over. Thanx for commenting on mine as well i hope that you keep them coming and that your baby girl stays with you for a while!!

brittnay ( F P C D ) at 2005-03-01


BabyGurl ( F C D ) at 2005-03-02

that was a really good poem keep up the good work !!!

Kristal Sowiecki ( C ) at 2005-03-03

baby you'll never lose me.

Brook at 2006-01-31

It's sad but I can relate I really liked it. thanks for reading my poems

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