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I've been writting poetry for awhile now but I never did anything like this before. All the poems I write are true to my life and from the heart. I hope you enjoy! You can conntact me on facebook.

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  • Age : 30
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  • Country : USA, Oklahoma
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Latest Poems By Josh Sowiecki

  • It's when you don't accept my calls and you no...
    It's when every time we talk it turns into a fight...

  • My pain has become a numbing sensation inside
    I'm dead to the world, he will no longer hide...

  • I silently shed an unseen tear
    as I give into my worst fear...

  • Without my safety net i would fall into...
    letting go of all the things that i would miss...

  • I've been locked up now for many years
    And though at the edge I can cry no tears...

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  • Think of me and you'll dream, dream of me and you'll know, Know me and we'll be!

    16 years ago
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