Why must u hurt me??

by X~broken~angel~x

Why do you keep hurting me?
you know, it really does hurt!
does it entertain you?
when you treat me like dirt!

you know most the time i cut myself
because of what you've said
or what you have done
it makes me wish i was dead!

you've been through what I'm going through
and you still don't try to help
why do u f-ing hurt me
it makes my heart melt!!!!

don't you remember what it was like?
to go through all of this?
if you did you wouldn't put me through hell
you would help me through all this

your sister is the bestest friend Ive ever had
so i want to be close to you too
Ive tried so hard
but now i don't know what else to do

Ive done nothing to you
you have hurt me so much
but why? why must you do it?
when Ive given you all my trust??

~a poem to someone that i gave all my trust to, that i told everything! that i thought could help me! but i was wrong she has hurt me so much and so many times.....Ive cut myself several times because of her, i have cried myself to sleep so many nights.. but why? why does she do this to me?? please comment.~


Submission date : 2005-07-10

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Latest comments

Lauren ( F P C ) at 2005-07-15

*gives another rib cracking hug* awww its so sad when people we love and trust turn there backs on us, but you have to realize there not really worth your time :-)
Love Loz xoxoxox

BJ ( F P C D ) at 2005-07-18

hey i like this poem alot it is true and very deep it's about sothing real your not just a writer who writes about depression you write about real things real problems and i know what your going through...great job perfect 5/5 love
xoxox Bj

>torn apart ( F P C D ) at 2005-07-31

really good. i know exacty how you feel. this one girl was my best friend, my world at that time and then she just fked me over so many times...it hurts so bad i know. hope ur ok, and keep up the writing.
take care x x x
ps: i was thinkin in the first stanza bit mayb u could do without (!). just it makes more uplifting, when it isnt what you're tryin to get accross...just maybe!?