They Always Leave

by APoeticLetdown

The world keeps spinning but I'm standing in the same place
With this look of confusion permentantly on my face
When did you leave me- or better yet, why?
I'm so dazed and shocked, I can't even cry
The people I love always seem to leave
Just tell me you'll be back and I"ll try to believe
And that's when it hits me, the tears fall like rain
I guess life isn't life, without heartache and pain
So I'll say my goodbyes and I wont make them long
It's times like these that I wish I was strong
I'll try to put you behind me, and make a brand new start
But the only way I can do that, is if I get a brand new heart.


Submission date : 2005-12-14
Last edit : 2012-07-02

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Votes : 9
Rating : 4.3

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Latest comments

a_knifes_sweet_kiss ( F P C ) at 2005-12-20

Very well done i havent seen such good work good job

lindsay at 2005-12-24

That is a wicked shweet poem Very heartfelt i love your last line! very good

Bleeding Mascara ( F C ) at 2006-01-06

Good stuffi hope this isnt true cos its really sad if u find tat everyones leaving you but dont worry you'll pull through good stuff

Jess ( F ) at 2006-01-11

Hey thanx for commenting on my poem. sorry its taken me so long 2 write back. loving this poem can really understand ya!

LoVEiSaHearTbrEaKwaiTinGtoHAPpeN at 2006-03-06

That's good A lot better than me. good luck with your writing.