If I lost you

by Jamie Lorraine

What would i do
if i lost you?
would i bow my head and cry
or take the walk of pride

questions and questions
piled up on me
what would i do
if i lost you?

things wouldn't be the same
as i look down in shame
you are my love
my life

oh what would i do
if i ever lost you?
you are my sunshine in the morning
i wouldn't want to mourn you

so please don't ever leave
stay by my side
cuz what would i do
if i lost you?

this poem is not very good but please comment to help and try to change it a little bit because i am new at this thanks a lot


Submission date : 2007-03-16

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Rating : 3.0

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Latest comments

Cathy ( F P C ) at 2007-03-16

I think it was good poem, sad but I can relate. Good job.