What top 3 things do you love about your partner?

  • Milly Hayward
    2 years ago

    What are the top three things that you love about your partner?

    I love my husbands smile, the thoughtful kind things he does and his sense of humour

  • Em
    2 years ago

    I don't have one but I love a guy with a nice smile, eyes and personality usually

  • Britt
    2 years ago

    TOP 3... oi. These are always hard lol.

    My husband loves Jesus and puts Him above all else in our home.

    He is one of the most hardworking men I've ever met - he busts his butt at his job, at home, for other people.. He is definitely a do-er, and is so incredibly smart, he just knows how to do things, and if he doesn't, he just figures it out lol. My brain doesn't work that way at all!

    He is hilarious! One of the most animated people I've ever met, and the man can tell a dang good story.

  • Red Yoshi
    2 years ago

    Her opinion - though i am very quiet she is trying to mske me a lion.

    Her dedication /determination - She is dedicated to her studies and at 46 she determined to graduate

    Her experience- She is very wise and has been through a lot

  • Trampled Angel
    2 years ago

    Their willingness to have difficult conversations, and really listen, despite it's awkwardness and potential for hurt.

    Their adorableness with each other, and with me. They are so precious and there is so much love. It breaks me out of my tendency to be too serious.

    Their patience with the places were I am weak.

  • Em
    2 years ago

    Now I've had time to think about it..

    I'd have to say candidness, that way you know they are always truthful and I'd rather honesty above all else even if it hurts a little (as I hate dishonesty)

    Then it would be sense of humour because I'm as mad as the next person lol and would love to find someone who I'd just as crazy as me with their soh.

    Finally, I'd have to go with their smile. I'm always drawn in by a lovely smile.

    Please someone help me find that person haha

  • Red Yoshi
    2 years ago

    Em, people tell me i am that person. Lol. I dunno if its true, but people seem to love me shrug

  • Augustus Black
    2 years ago

    She should be silence as I am, well natured, and should have magical eyes.

  • sunil kumar
    2 years ago

    If you will ask my opinion then i would say:

    1) loyal
    2) not good looking but with sweet heart.
    3) humble, polite and give respects to others.


  • Em
    2 years ago

    Aww James. You seem pretty down to earth to me :)

  • Beauty In The Breaking
    2 years ago

    Goodness these are always so hard haha To pick only 3 things that you love most...

    1. His gentle patient tenderness....I know that I'm maddeningly frustrating and stubborn but in over a year together he's never once even lost patience with me. He's spent so much energy and time gently building me up, teaching me that people can be trusted and good and will love me without a price...every partner I've had was abusive and he's just patiently, tenderly, lovingly built me up and pulls me into the sunshine showing me what love actually is. He's equally as gently patient as a father and an instructor, it melts my heart watching him :)

    2. His goofy humor...I frequently tell him that he's not funny but honestly he has one of the best senses of humor that I know. He's constantly cracking jokes, playing pranks, scaring me for humor, finding something funny in an everyday thing, randomly saying some funny line from a movie, he constantly is making me laugh and I love that he has equally as good of a sense of humor when I play pranks and jokes on him since he loves to laugh so much, he spends laughter and joy everywhere he goes :)

    3. His incredible eyes and smile :) He has those deep, dark chocolate eyes that you just get sucked into the depth of :) When he smiles, its always his eyes that show it first, as they show all his emotions and I love that when I look at him I can see and feel how deeply he loves me by looking in his eyes :)

    3 1/2. Cause I couldn't decide haha His naked honesty. He's always honest with me even when he knows I won't want to hear it and I can always trust his opinion to be spot on. He's honest enough to drop all his defenses with me and show his honest, naked self with me, who he is inside, with no reservations, saying that he wants me to know what its like to be loved and that he wants me to learn to feel safe enough to do the same so he's showing m how. I truly love that about him :)

  • Golden AnGel Rhapsodist
    2 years ago




  • HisBlueEyedAngel
    2 years ago

    1. The way he looks at me after I wake up and he tells me how beautiful I am after I wake up.
    2. The way he will randomly come up to me and give me a kiss
    3. The way way he can easily make me smile even when I am having a bad day.
    I don't have just one favorite thing.