Love or lust

  • Em
    2 years ago

    What is love and lust to you?

    How can you tell the difference?

  • Golden AnGel Rhapsodist
    2 years ago

    Hi Em,

    good's my answer....

    Love: is faithful,forgives,patient,respects,generous,protects and sacrifice

    Lust: the counterfeit of love..


  • Em
    2 years ago

    Fab answer Gel.

  • Golden AnGel Rhapsodist
    2 years ago

    Hahaha lol Em

  • silvertung69
    2 years ago

    I belive it is when your out doing something and you think i wounder if so an so would like this? I guess it's considerimg there feeling when there
    Not present.

  • Elizabeth replied to Em
    1 year ago, updated 1 year ago

    Having been with my husband for 10 years, I can say for me love is not something you fall into. You grow in it and you must tend to it.

    Over time it no longer becomes a feeling, but a decision.
    It's deliberate.
    It's intentional.
    It's purposeful.

  • Jamie replied to Elizabeth
    1 year ago

    Only if you don't believe in love at first sight.

  • Poet on the Piano
    1 year ago

    To me, the difference is time and growth.

    I think lust COULD turn into love and vice versa.
    Both are passionate, however I see love as understanding the depth of person,
    and lust as only appealing to the surface.

    Good to make the distinction though or at least find what both mean to you...

  • Elizabeth replied to Jamie
    1 year ago

    The OP asked us what love and lust means to us. As such, I shared my opinion of love through my individual experience.

    Respectfully, I believe what you call "love at first sight" is lust. People treat lust and love like they're opposites of one another, but they're not. Lust is simply attraction; love is more complex. I say this is a someone who use to say it was "love at first sight", but over the years realize that came from a vague, idealistic understanding of love. When I met my husband it wasn't "love at first sight", it was attraction. He was down to earth, had a good sense of humor and yes handsome. I also had a strong desire to get to know him. That attraction grew into love the more I became familiar with him, his values and his intimate world. Today, that love we share is not the same as it was when we were smitten 16-year-olds. It has depth; it has matured; and it will continue to grow if we tend to it.

    Love is like a garden, you grow in it (individually and as a couple) and you must tend to it (nurture it). If you do, your yield will be plenty.

  • Em
    1 year ago

    Love is honest and loyal and true.

    Lust is desire for sex with a person, nothing more, nothing less!!

  • Tony
    1 year ago

    I'd break it down more. Because you can love someone and not be IN love with them.

    For example, I love my wife. We were friends and were lonely, so eventually we were lonely together. I've only ever been IN love once. My heart jumped into my throat at the sound of her name and my stomach danced to a dischordant tune that only it could hear. It was inexplicable.

    As for lust, its not a bad thing unless you're of the religious sort. Its primal. Predatory. That feeling you get when you see someone and just have one thing on your mind. Perspective and situation can complicate things. But if you're single, and they're single, mingle.

  • Tony replied to Elizabeth
    1 year ago

    Disagree on love at first sight. 9 year olds dont lust. My heart was stolen on a playground 18 years ago and I still haven't gotten it back.

  • Lucas Woods replied to Em
    1 year ago

    Love is a romantic endearment.

    Lust is primal and instinctive.

  • Em
    1 year ago

    Tony I love your reply I really puts things into perspective!

  • mossgirl19
    1 year ago

    We say 'God is love' for a reason. Love is from God and not from men. It is God who first loved us, so it makes sense if He knows love more than we do. He is the author of it. What is love? Simply how God demonstrates it. Love is an act of giving, not expecting anything in return. We make stupid mistakes all the time...but God's love is not lessened by them. He just keeps on giving and giving, not looking at how we are returning that love. He forgives us without much ado. He cares even if you don't care about Him. He never forgets about you though you barely remember Him. He never murmurs and complains about your imperfections, but He sees you pass through them. He comforts you in your sorrows and He provides you all your needs. You don't deserve to receive such things, but He gives them to you freely just simply because He loves you. He never controls your decisions, but lets you have your way. But if you fall you come back to Him and He receives you with open arms. That's love. It is not just a feeling because feelings change over time. Feelings are temporary and I think we know that so well.

    And about lust, the only thing I know is, it is something that is physically satisfied. :-)

  • Ben Pickard
    1 year ago

    Love is what's left when the fire has burnt out.

  • Em replied to mossgirl19
    1 year ago

    Mel Liz though I am an atheist, this is a truly spectacular comment!!

    Much love

  • Em replied to Ben Pickard
    1 year ago

    Ben that's deep and I truly hope you're ok!!

  • mossgirl19 replied to Em
    1 year ago

    No problem, Em. Much love to you too, Duchess! And I agree with you, Ben.

  • Milly Hayward
    1 year ago, updated 1 year ago

    Lust is exiting and all consuming and has been proven to be a chemically driven euphoria caused by the hormones in your body to encourage you to procreate and keep the human race going. The strain on the body is too much for the body to sustain for long periods of time I think if I remember correctly it is for s maximum of two years Then it fizzles out causing you to wonder what it was you saw in the person in the first place. Unfortunately this often leaves people in unhappy relationships especially if they have gone ahead and had kids.

    That's why the longer you can spend getting to know someone before jumping into bed with them the better chance of identifying whether or not you actually like the person and whether or not you are compatible before hitching up to the wrong train.

    If you can get to the point where you would rather spend the rest of your life alone than stay in an unhappy unfulfilling relationship then you are already ahead. Once you realise that happiness is a state of mind that can be achieved inside your own head without anyone else. You get on with your life and can be more choosy about who you date and why.

    Too many people settle for a mediocre love because either they tbink that its the best they can expect or because some love is better than none. Some accept abuse, lies, cheating or bad behavout etc because they believe him when he tells them that he loves them. Other' marry someone they don't love so they get someone to take care of them some are so selfish and self absorbed that they never experience love at all because love is giving not taking.

    Once you step back and realise that you control your own destiny and that you don't need anyone and you become comfortable in your own skin is usually when love interests seem to come along.

    True love is many diffeent things to different people because we are all different and we have different needs what makes one couple happy may not make another happy but you just know when it's right.

    For me -When you do find true love it is based on mutual attraction, honesty, respect; communication and compromise. You love each other and it's at a heart mind body and soul level. You take care of and nurture each other and bring out the best instead of the worst . You are strong together and put each other's needs before your own. You feel their happiness and their pain and you always make time to think of ways to make the other happy.

    You never let go of the romance. You still hold hands kiss each other tell each other how much you love each other and still find each other attractive no matter how old and wrinkly you get.

    You cannot imagine life without each other and passion might have it's seasons but always comes back no matter how old you get. You would never hurt each other because in doing so you would be hurting yourself more. The sound of thier voice is like music to your ears. You are each other's world and it isn't like any other love you have ever had before. You are each other's best friend, lover, hero confidante and soul mate. When you find that depth of love you find happiness in the smallest things and it makes you realise that even the darkest moments are not so dark with them by your side