To Blind To See..

by KATIE   Feb 24, 2008

It started out with LOVE that i felt with you in this perfect world of mines i was living,
I had you and nobody else,
you were my shining armor my protector from all.
your hugs and kisses were as warm as the sun
each one lit up my face with a smile.
i was there when you called and you were there for me,
until the weeks went on
you were rejecting and ignoring my calls
but somehow i started to wonder...

soon i was right!

was it a premonition i was feeling?.. or was it a lost thought wondering in my head?
you said you loved me, and you said you wanted to be my hubby.
I loved you too and i wanted to be your wifey.
we had our life planned
somewhat like we knew we were meant to be.
Regarding the fact that others were trying to break us apart.
they said i deserved better than you.
they also said he isnt good enough.

What were they talkin about?..
Could they see or did they know something?..

ignoring the fact that they were probaly just jealous of us being together
something told me to becareful and not to give him all my love.
i started thinking
would he ever do this too me?
would he break up with me for someone else?
it couldnt be, not him.
he wouldnt do this to me.
Weeks past and it all started.
my life was no longer a dream come true
but a nightmare shattering my heart.
it was a premonition that i wasnt awaiting to see anytime soon.
we broke up within a heartbeat.
two months might not seem long but to me it felt like an eternity that i could live happy forever with him.
pieces into pieces my heart began to fall..once again.
What did i do wrong?..
till this day i do not know.
he loved me so much i could tell by the way he said it.
incoming calls i accepted from you just to say i love you was what i believed so my heart i gave back.
next day you said it wasnt working out and you just wanted to be friends.
going from A+ to a decreasing grade
was such a fall for me to handle.
But i was strong enough to get up and stay up.
and now sitting here writing what i have left of you and i
brings back tears to my eyes
reminising on what i was told about you.
they were right and i was wrong.
i was just to blind to see it.
was it real or was i played?
the game we finished
the hard work i gave..
didnt effect the score cause if so we would of won.
your friends sitting on the sideline watching every move we made.
while we were in this useless game.
how they knew you were hurting me
but didnt have the courage to call it a foul but to see me get hurt.
i began to cry i began to worry.
are they all the same?..
i never thought i was gonna go through this routine again.
tired and tired of all the games i began to sit for a while and call it a quits.
i wasnt gonna get back up pretty soon and shine once again cause i knew my slam dunks weren't worth the win.
as i walked out on love cause it didnt seem right for my heart to feel this pain,
i agreed to sign the contract of intent to not only feel special and shine with all i have as i past those doors of lies and disrespect, but to move on with my eyes on the prize...

The Confident One


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