by KATIE   Jan 19, 2008

Now was he really worth it
I guess I'll never know.
But one thing i know is that I'ma let you go.

I'm closing the book
Of this story that we lived.
childhood love birds but
now we ain't s***.

We ain't buddy's, ain't cool and we ain't friends
You chose to throw it all away
So now i do the same.

The final chapter
I never thought that we would end
But I'ma let it go
Cause I'm tired of all this wish.

I was a soldier
fighting against my heart at battle,
trying to defeat the pain of not to have you.
But then it slowly changed
thanks to that special boy
I thought that he wouldn't understand
but i was wrong
and even gave me tips on how to move on.

And now I'm thankful and grateful
to my Lord
he sent me my recovery
my miracle care
something I didn't really expect
a great comeback
I'm gonna make the best of.

Stick with me boy and I'm going to stick with you
I know we ain't together we at different schools
But bare with me boy
I'm gonna be back
just hold on boy don't ever turn your back.

And tell them girls at your school
tryin to get you..
let them know whats the deal
tell em what it do.
You know they only trying to holla
cause you look good
But everybody knows it me
it's understood.

Now i ain't tryin to brag
I'm just saying I'm glad
It's like a privilege
Boy not something in a flash.
I just hope one day boy you realize
to stop and think about us, and say...
Was she really worth it!

The Confident One


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