by KATIE   Jan 28, 2008

I'm getting tired man
of all you jealous haters
my name is in your mouth
because I'm getting greater
You see me shining man
you see me rhyming man
You see me getting things
you see me doing things
but i don't see you homie
so tell me where you at
I hear you talkin man
but i don't mess with that
I'd rather get in your face
and tell you how it is
you sucker little hater don't scare me one bit
You talk alot of shit
you act so hard
but i got something that you fools don't have
and thats heart
so that's what separates us
the real from the fake
I'm going to stay real
and don't wont ever change
I rep the damn nawf
I'm bout to set it off
you haters on my joc
i suggest you hop off
recognize me lil one
get in line and get popped
I don't need no friends
b**** or h***
cause they all turn fake
and they all turn turn to foes
so forget everybody
includin my friends
i can make it on my own
until my life ends
i ride one deep
hater best respect it
I'd came down
hell yea u better check it
I'm bout to set it off
you haters on my joc
i suggest you hop off!!

The Confident one


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  • 15 years ago

    by MusoXDanielle

    Like the poem!

    Well done!


  • 15 years ago

    by henry

    Dayuum that shit is gangster wit it hahahaha i dnt like haters either hahahaha damm imma add this to my favorites hahah wow im stillin shock lol 5/5