Time to move on...

by KATIE   Jan 30, 2008

Seems like I'm hanging on to the past too long
he's gone time to move on
cause life is passing me by
I close my eyes as i say goodnight
cause its time to say goodbye to you...
Now i ain't saying that I'm gonna do something stupid
but without you there ain't nothing to it
It's best we move on and leave it up to destiny
and if we get back together it was meant to be
I just gotta move on with my life
cause theres better things out there for me
then just wasting time waiting for you
to come running to me
But that wont never happen
so Irma leave it up to you
Now do you really love me ?
Are you gonna be there for me?
So many questions i need some answers
so please tell me
Are you down to ride?
As i sit here wasting all this time
you probably ain't even thinking about me
if so please say that you'll be mine.
Please don't go
don't be like that
don't do this to me
I love you so!
And if your really gone
I loved you and it was really strong.
But forget it now you missed your chance
don't think that I'm still here
cause i moved on
now its time you do the same
You said it was love at first sight
that was really lame
Is that all you got
come on now just look at you
i cant believe i bought.

The Confident One
�?�¢?�?�¥ Katie


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