One More Day

by Bill Turner   Feb 26, 2008

Your love saves me from myself
Our future holds me together
When the demons get too close
Sometimes they beckon and call
Wanting to go to them I feel small

Your strength keeps me together
Hearing your love whisper to my heart
Knowing you are always by my side
Craving self loathing and thrills
Wanting to drown in booze and pills

Managing another day just for you
Afraid to not have you in my life
Knowing the hurt I could cause
Shoving aside the allure of instant pain
The trigger pull, a hollow point in the brain

Instead your love keeps me strong
Wanting to give you every part of me
Knowing I will make it through another day
As you carry me like a sweet soul song
I will not do the deed and treat you wrong


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  • 11 years ago

    by Miranda

    Amazing poem.It has excellent vocab and a great message.Everyone needs someone to hold through the darkest times.It flowed quite nicely too.Over all Beautiful and Inspiring.A definate 5/5.

    Keep writing,

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