The Final Goodbye

by Becki VanHegan   Mar 8, 2008

You never know quite where you stand,
The world could take you by the hand
Where you'll be away far from here,
There'll be nothing left, no faces to fear.
Us homosapiens alike, we're ready to shred,
Your heart into pieces and then leave you for dead.

But it's ok you'll never have to feel,
Love and compassion and hatred so real.
There is a fine line, between love and hate,
But we all know it's our appearance we rate.
We could say it's the truth, this is how it's meant to be
But who are we kidding, is it just you and me?

Can they see it too? Or are they just blind
It's making me crazy and I'm losing my mind
I want to go back, back to the start,
Where it was just you and me, never to be apart.
I don't know what happened, but you weren't in the wrong
I always think of you whenever I hear your song.

It's times like these I think of you,
Wondering if you ever think of me too.
Although I guess, you don't feel the need
To remember the past whereas I plead, and I plead
For just one more chance, where I make things right
Then I can sleep through one peaceful night.

I'm sorry for the trouble that was thrown your way,
There is a place in my heart, that is where you will stay
I take this time to look up in the sky,
I stare and I stare, this is my final goodbye.


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  • 11 years ago

    by InterviewWithTheKat

    Hey BABE!
    You know I want to marry this poem. ;)

    Ive given you five because im hoping you'll give me your babies in exchange...

    And because I really like it. =D

    Makes sense. =P

    See you at school.

    Love you breadbin.