Once Loved

by Becki VanHegan   Oct 11, 2007

I look into the mirror,
I am hating what I see,
A disfigured form,
Of a once loved me

I look at my eyes,
Nothing but coldness there,
Just a shield for my emotions,
It's just a vacant stare

I look at my mouth,
Oh how I love to bite,
Out of hatred and anger,
And out of overall spite

I look like a monster,
Some disorganized mess,
This is what love does,
With a small addition of stress

I keep on staring,
Unable to look away,
Focusing on my nice features,
Keeping the demon within me at bay

I look into the mirror
I know what I want to see
A disfigured form
Of a once loved me

If you venture deep enough
Or if you take the time to look
You'll see the pain, the hurt, the damage
And that all my happiness love had took

If I had the option,
I would distort every part of my face,
To show the hurt, the anger, the hate,
And put everyone into place

I want you all to see,
Exactly what I feel,
I want to show you what love does,
And that this pain is real

Can you see it now?
Do you want to see some more?
Can you see me crying,
On this cold marble floor

I look into the mirror
Although I don't want to see
That disfigured form
Of a once loved me


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  • 12 years ago

    by Devon

    I like this one too! very creative in both symbolism and original ideas! keep up the beautiful work! 5/5