A Doll Left Alone In The Darkest Theater

by Winter Rose   Mar 11, 2008

Hide me from the dangers that'll wait ahead,
under the rock where there's hard to get.
Then sew all the scars in my lonely heart,
when the sound is not here to tear us apart.
Look deep in my eyes and say "I'm here",
then hug me and I won't shed a tear.
Your dream is saying you to leave today,
my mind going numb into darkest gray.
Please take me with you, lets run away,
then we can smile almost everyday.
The time is running and you want to leave,
come back and I'll give you whatever you need.
Next it's my turn to take a breath,
my future waiting somewhere ahead.

"But I won't cry anymore, I promise,
as I know you're still there."


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  • 12 years ago

    by noha

    So romantic .
    i love it so much 5/5