The Mirror Is Lying

by Winter Rose   Oct 9, 2007

Near me, there is an open wound.
It keeps leaking and I keep watching.
I wanted to know, how does it feel...
I traveled into the far hollow reality and looked at myself.
Nothing was wrong or was it?
I suppose there was a nice feeling, but it faded away with hatred.
Dear mirror you can't help me, can you?
My skin was too marble to start feeling pain.
However much, I tried to feel like something, it all turned against me.
But as I wake up, the mirror gives me a smile and tells me I was leaking all the time.
Why should I find the answer?
The mirror shows me.
There is a young girl with sad eyes, but with a joyful heart.


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  • 12 years ago

    by azii

    Oh i love it i love it i love it !!
    this may sound strange cause i said this once before, but i really love the way you end your poems. i have this problem i dunno how to end it. you make the reader hungry for more. mine sounds like it's not ready yet. like it's unfinished. and it sucks. but seriously this makes your poems interesting to read.
    nicely done :)
    keep it up
    and never stop
    Take care