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~I step inside a darkness with a dim glow on the walls. It's like my eyes and ears are filled with sand, the living becomes a reality. People sit near me and I collect a bunch of dreams to keep myself shelled, but someday they won't cover me anymore. I'd like to give a smile to everyone and show who I am, but the danger is too huge to take off my mask. I walk around the halls and enter a room with familiar faces. They are mysterious and dangerous, but my own world is safe when I'm surrounded by them. They are important to me. Time goes by and then I leave them, they leave me. There may be dears beside me as I walk away, but they will leave me too, as I fade. It hurts for a while, when the sand runs down my ears and eyes. But the pain will be gone and I can smile again. The warm and hairy monster stroking my legs, the voice that tells me I'm always welcome. I can finally laugh and let the rainbow colors enter my heart. Tadaima, I'm finally home.~

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