Fallen faith

by spazzycat   Mar 18, 2008

My darkest angel,
my fallen one,
my true haven,
my love of flames,
my only angel of lone,
who fell from heaven,
oh...how i love thou so,
with a broken wing,
so bruised and black,
and...you...so cloaked and torn..
how this come to be,
my one guard of heavens scene?
oh...how i love thou,
sitting there, by thy warmth, and fire,
my fallen one,
cloaked in black,
eyes so sad and torn,
how this come to be
you shan't deserve such scorn.
for, my love, my angel,
you are the one,
the fallen,
the faith,
who loved one mortal,
and fell to earth,
to love only her.
to sin for only her,
and, my love,
if loving you were a sin, id sin forever,
just to be with you,
oh you,
now bruised and black,
broken and torn,
as you lay,
and blood runs down thou back,
you are....my angel,
my love,
my fallen,
my only one.


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