Lay it down

by spazzycat   Mar 17, 2008

I'm angry, I'm so hurt.
and i feel your hand of coldness....reaching down my skirt.
i want it to die, want it to end.
i don't want my body to hurt again.
you, holding me down,
turning me up and inside out.
this is where you painfully lay it down.
you whispering in my ear:it wont hurt, quickly it will end.
but i know you'll do it again and again.
i don't know if the devil got inside,
but i know he took control of my mind.
taking everything i love away from me,
taking all my sanity.
the coldness comes and goes.
i never knew i could feel this cold.
I'm hurt, i have no heart,
and since i was little, from him, I've been afraid of the dark.
I'm numb, i don't care,
and to cry out i do not dare.
this is the time,
where life is mine,
where i lay it down.


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