My myth

by spazzycat   Mar 17, 2008

Looking through those stained glass eyes,
like many heroes and gods of the skies.
and knowing this lightening bolt storm,
will always have your heart broken and torn.
and across the world, shady serpents wind around the trees,
like your love winds around me.
while winged goddesses of the earth,
will always welcome you to their hearth.
like the burning god of hades,
beckons you and welcomes you to sin freely.
when we dance with devils, tis all the same,
we shall dance until they know all our pain.
and through the wind, a winged goddess flows,
while my mind insanity slowly owns.
come on closer, my sweet-eyed angel,
believe me, i am no stranger.
the night on my skin it crawls slowly,
waiting, seeing, looking through things so closely.
and as a godlike man of silver skies,
takes charge of the burning blue skies.
my words turn to water,
but thy breath does not falter.
as we see the dirt freeway flooding with rain.
these people know not our pain,
for we are the same, forever be,
we are the gods of the earth, wind, fire, and sea.

(i know its long...but i love it. :D)


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  • 16 years ago

    by Drew Gold

    Love it; you're on my favs

  • 16 years ago

    by Cotton Candy Clouds

    Wow! amazing poem! i mean it was so mature and deep i loved it you had to look beyond just words : )
    i felt like i was reading a poem from my literature book ! you did such a good job 5/5 <33