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"i changed my color for you
i shed my coat with caution.
i lack the beauty you display,
see here they are the bruises,
and some were self-inflicted
and some showed up along the way.
i nod my head,
im ready for the world to see
i kept here inside the girl you thought id be
slipped into coma calm,
the coma where i calm myself down,
where i let you down.

so now we've come upon the hardest thing i've ever done,
is telling you that im a mess,
what sort of mess i mean,
is self distructive gasoline.
the kind that strips you of your best.
while i play instead the way that most would end up dead.
and you sleep at home wishing i were in our bed.
with this time im telling you,
while my colors change back to blue.
how do i ask you this....will you help me through?"

-blue october, chameleon boy

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  • "I.LOVE.YOU.
    those three words are said too much then not enough....."

    -snow patrol

    16 years ago
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  • "you said you would love me till the world ended,
    well....the world must have ended."

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    then maybe you wouldn't have to leave.


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